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With its warm sunny climate, spectacular beaches, astounding history, phenomenal cuisine, extraordinary sunsets and inviting towns, it is no wonder why Greece is one of our favorite sailing destinations. Spend your holiday cruising around the crystal clear waters of the Ionian and Aegean Seas while stopping by some of the most characteristic and secluded Greek islands on a private chartered yacht

Sailing Around the Greek Islands on a Private Chartered Yacht: What to Expect

Greek Islands on a private chartered yacht
Greece is made up of several diverse island regions that surround the mainland. From amazing archeological sites to chic, cosmopolitan towns, the Greek Islands offer a little something for everyone. Select your boat from one of nearly 30 charter locations throughout Greece and get ready to set sail. If you need some help deciding which island regions to explore by boat, you can take a look at our Guide to the Greek Islands.


Greece is well loved for its long, sunny, hot and dry summers which last from the end of April to around mid-October. Temperatures around the Greek Islands range from the mid-20s in May and June to the upper 30s in July and August. While the sun can beat down pretty heavily on summer days, the “meltemi” sea winds will likely bring a cool breeze whether you are onboard or exploring a coastal village.

Greek Islands on a private chartered yacht

Sailing conditions

The Greek Islands are an excellent sailing destination for both beginners and experienced sailors. Many of the island regions offer ideal sailing conditions for chartering a yacht, including those located in the Saronic, Argolic and eastern coast of the Peloponnesian Gulf, as they are well protected from strong winds. However, if you plan to charter a yacht in in the Cyclades, you should know that it is one of the most challenging, yet fun sailing areas due to strong winds in July and August.

Greek Islands on a private chartered yacht


When in Greece you’ll have the pleasure of savoring amazing dishes sourced from fresh and local ingredients. The islands’ warm Mediterranean climate and rich soil is ideal for growing wine, fruits and vegetables while the sea provides a variety of fish which make up a majority of the Greek diet. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to stock your boat with simple, yet incredible selection of fruits, veggies, cheeses, meats and wine for an unforgettable meal onboard. You can read more about typical Greek foods and what to try at a traditional taverna in our guest blogger and sailing enthusiast, Georgie Moon’s post here.

History and Culture

Greek Islands on a private chartered yacht

The Greek Islands are home to some of the world’s most important architectural and cultural treasures. From the famous walled city on the island of Rhodes to the ancient ruins and mosaics of Delos, a journey around the Greek Islands will surely amaze the whole family. As the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, Crete is a must for history lovers. Explore the island’s incredible remains of Minoan Palaces like before enjoying a fantastic meal in one of Crete’s many seaside restaurants. For art lovers, head to the small island of Hydra which has attracted many important artists and intellectuals throughout the 20th and 21st century.

Greek Islands on a private chartered yacht


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