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Trouble in Paradise | PIRATE SHIP S14E04

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/ March 16, 2022

Overflowing HAPPINESS to be out of the MARINA

Join our crew! #114 After three long weeks sweating it out replacing our standing rigging this week getting back out on the water really shows us just how much we love this lifestyle. Heading out to the island where...

/ March 14, 2022

Should I be worried living in Latvia? / March 2022

What’s going on? Am I safe? .. Put THUMBS UP if you liked the video and Please SUBSCRIBE to my Channel. For NATURIST videos JOIN ME on PATREON here: Join my OnlyFans (link on my Instagram) FOLLOW ME on...

/ March 14, 2022

Without Clothes Through Time

In this video, we tell you about the origin and flourishing of nudism, which was also helped by crowned heads. Did you know that the Edward VIII the King of the United Kingdom was one of the first nudists in...

/ March 13, 2022

Ep. 122, ⛵Cruising Sarasota 🏖 (Lido Key Beach)

Part 50 of a series: Sailing Tampa Bay to Key West. Ashley cooks breakfast with the alchohol stove in our trailer sailer. A quick work-out and fish catch leads to cruising Big Sarasota Pass and anchoring at Lido Key Beach....

/ March 6, 2022

Naked Lady Beach | Thomas Island

This week on sailing girls we taking you to….. Naked Lady Beach | Thomas IslandThis sandy, protected bay is the perfect lunch and swimming spot, and where we spent the majority of the day relaxing without a worry in the...

/ January 23, 2022

We found the “PAUSE” button on LIFE | Ep 95 | Sailing Merewether

Spending another tropical day chilling in the unreal spot of Fakarava Atoll, South Pass, we take on the unreal drift dive for a third time, exploring the top notch underwater world that French Polynesia has to offer. This really is...

/ November 2, 2021

Captain of the Hard | Pirate Ship S13E04

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/ November 1, 2021

Elastic the Cheapest Autopilot

There is no need to spend money on a basic autopilot on a sailboat or boat. A little change and a little ingenuity are enough. That’s why today’s video is dedicated to the elastic, which is a key component of...

/ November 1, 2021

Ep. 113, Beware of Dock-Walkers 👙 Tour a Pearson 365 Ketch (1981)

Part 41 of a series: Sailing Tampa Bay to Key West.Walking the docks at the Safe Harbor Marina (Compass Hotel, Anna Maria Sound) we meet a very inspiring young man that lives on his 1981 Pearson 365 Ketch rigged sailboat....

/ October 31, 2021