Out with the mold, in with the new. Getting this old moldy, broken boat back on her feet involves completely replacing some of the interior that was unsalvageable. Doing jobs for the first time we make mistakes which becomes quite evident. Learning how to glue and apply this PVC the mistakes come very quickly but we learn just as quick. Through it all we continue to learn more about how to refit a classic blue water cruising legend. These Amel Super Maramu’s were through the 90’s one of the greatest blue-water cruising vessel to be produced. We are so excited to get this beauty back to her original condition as much as we can.

Our last vessel a Beneteau Cyclades 43 we managed to really push that vessel probablely much further than the designers originally thought could be done with a boat that was made for the ever profitable charter industry in Europe. Starting with a vessel that was desinged from the get go to reach every corner of the earth we are really itching to get her out on the water and see what she can do!

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