Into the thick of it with this refit and we’re still yet to see any sign of a dry season, or heaven forbid temperatures under 90 degree Fahrenheit. With all boats the structure is the most important thing to keep in good condition. This week after digging through cabinets and cables I find something from the aftermath of the collision that looks horrendous. We also run you through some updates with how certain areas of the vessel are going. With so much time on the hard it will make splashing for the first time that much better next year!

During the collision of our vessel when all the damage happened the railing that normaly encompasses the entire vessel was destroyed from the midships forward. This week the welders come by to finally repair and install new railing. I give them the instruction to change the railing to stop short of the bow so I can better get access to all the duties that I need to carry out on the bow.

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