Getting stuck into various jobs in many locations, we’re attacking on all fronts of this boat at once. First up we try to understand how to reposition the auto pilot drive so that it doesn’t obstruct our future full sized queen bed we aim to put into the master cabin. Isabelle goes about sorting through all of medical equipment left over from the previous owner. Kieran cracks onto sanding the anti foul off, removing blocked hoses while our deck finally gets started on, with the fibreglass tradesmen hooking into the holes all over the top of our boat. This week it’s all about making a start in all the different areas we can. With only so many months before having to continue with work commitments back in Australia we have to get this boat looking great again. We’re happy to announce that the mast has been purchased! We will discuss further about it in future episodes but it’s nice to have a company locked in to provide us with a beautiful new mast to fly our sails.

Taking on a task like this we really don’t always know what we are doing. We appreciate all the comments we’ve been getting especially the nice people lending their expertise in some areas we really have no idea haha. The Amel is slowly taking shape and we couldn’t be more happy refitting this salvage sailboat. While we wish everyone to be safe out on the big ocean, we’re very happy that the insurance company wrote off this vessel for us to pick up at a bargain price.

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